Commitments for obtaining the 'Excellence in Customer Service' Certificate

Our ‘Excellence in Customer Service’ omnichannel certificate identifies those companies whose management is committed to listen to their customers’ suggestions, queries, complaints or compliments in order to improve their processes and offer an exceptional service.


Make visible the “Excellence in Customer Service” stamp that provides access to the feedback channel in order to listen to suggestions, compliments, queries and complaints from customers with the aim of improving its excellence customer care.

Appointment of an appropriately empowered person (management staff, owner, manager, customer service director etc.) who will be the one in charge of managing the feedback received.

Deal with the suggestions,inquiries, complaints and compliments received through the person in charge and/or the management team.

Make the staff aware of the commitment to “Excellence in Customer Service”

Respond to feedback senders within fourteen calendar days. The organisation must help users by the means they request. If the company fails to do so, the user will be able to indicate through his EasyFeedback account.

Share with the staff the compliments and congratulations sent by customers.

Study the implementation possibility of the suggestions sent by customers

Disclose with the suggestion senders the implementation of improvements in products, services or processes achieved thanks to their suggestions.

Work in order to improve user satisfaction. Users will be able to indicate their satisfaction level with the company by answering the following question: “Would you recommend this company to your family and friends?” both when submitting their feedback and after fourteen days. Organisations will be able to use these responses in order to calculate their Net Promoter Score (NPS) and its evolution.

The company agrees that its recognition of ‘Excellence in Treatment’ is contingent upon compliance with these terms. EasyFeedback will periodically monitor the company’s compliance with these commitments.

Customers will also have the possibility of using the European Union’s online dispute resolution platform: