EasyFeedback PRO Subscription

We accompany the growth of companies that want to:


Improve their
online and offline reputation


Encourage engagement
from their employees


Foster the loyalty
of customers

The private feedback platform
built for listening your customers and building trust in your business

We are a trusted independent
third party that certifies
Excellence in Customer Service

We provide you with the tools
so that all your customers
feel listened

100% of the
is private and not anonymous

Our PRO Subscription includes:

1. Omnichannel Certificate for Excellence in Customer Service

The omnichannel certificate for Excellence  in Customer Service identifies those organisations committed to listen to their customers’ suggestions, queries, complaints or compliments in order to improve their processes.

We are a private independent third party between customers, employees, and the organisation’s management.

We certify the commitment from the organisation’s management to listen their customers in order to achieve Excellence  in Customer Service


Supporting patents: eu, M 3602484 and eu, M 3602485.

Quality stamps are the third most trusted elements by online shoppers
and increase conversion rates by 14%

2. Feedback Collection System

Page on EasyFeedback with or without the “Excellence in Customer Service” seal

SEO positioning of your company's website on EasyFeedback.com

Physical and digital
feedback kit

Collection of feedback
by email

Collection of feedback by
WhatsApp, Telegram o MMS

with Social Networks

80% of companies believe that they provide a high quality customer service,
while only 8% of customers agree with that

3. Private Feedback Management Process

Selection of the type of feedback

Customers select the type of feedback they want to communicate.

Live arrival
of its impact

and Submission

They fill-in the corresponding form, with an initial NPS, and submit it.

Know your customer


Automatic responses
based on
the type of message.

Close the

Reception and

The company receives the feedback privately both by email and by the tool.

Access to
feedback history


The company manages the feedback received with their own processes.

ISO standard
based management

by email

After 14 days
the final NPS is sent by email to the client.

Integrate feedback
into your system

92% of consumers who had a negative experience with an organisation would be willing to return if:
They receive a formal apology from a superior; They receive a promotional discount; They feel real interest in solving the issue.

Plans and Rates


3€ monthly per employee,
quarterly payments


4€ monthly per employee,
quarterly payments


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