Fachada de Zara Home

Zara Home responds satisfactorily to María Eugenia

Our user María Eugenia tells us that he sent a complaint to Zara Home using EasyFeedback’s free complaint/claims sending tool. In the complaint she told Zara Home:

Dear Customer Service Director,

I would like to convey a suggestion about the warranty of your products and services.

I bought some handles made of wool pom poms, which soon began to disintegrate because of the bad design they had, not because they were misused.

As I do not keep the purchase ticket and paid in cash, there is no way to change them for others.

Of the 6 shooters I have 3 broken, so I will have to spend the money again to replace them…

Thanking me in advance for the attention you give me and trusting that you will take appropriate action, bids farewell cordially.

¿What was Zara Home response when receiving the message sent via EasyFeedback?

Our user, María Eugenia, satisfied with the response they gave her from Zara Home, comments:

I bought some shooters at Zara Home that broke down a few days later.

As I did not keep the ticket, they told me that if I had paid for it with a card, I could recover it through customer service.

They sent me several tickets that I requested and this purchase was not found in any of them because it seems I paid them in cash.

Through Easyfeedback I explained my discomfort at not being able to make the return, and they answered me from Zara Home customer service that they would try to locate the purchase ticket in cash and they did so, being able to make the change for others.