EasyFeedback Token Rating


One of the biggest challenges that companies face when starting a new project is to generate the necessary trust in the market, users, and customers.

In the crypto environment it is more necessary since business dynamics occur in digital environments with little (or no) physical contact.

For this reason, we have considered it important to register our EasyFeedback token in some of the most important pages of directories of new ICOs and to know the valuation they gave to our project.

We are pleased to inform our entire community that we have obtained the following ratings:




If you see any other interesting ICO / IEO directory page in which to register our token, we would appreciate it if you would indicate it to us by sending an email to: [email protected]

We trust that these ratings will further increase the confidence in our token of our entire community and we encourage you to expand our token in your environment.

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Thank you.