BP helped Jordi

Our user Jordi tells us that he sent a complaint to BP Spain  using our feedback submission tool:

Dear Customer Service Director,

I want to make a complaint to you related to your staff.

Good afternoon, I want to inform you that this afternoon I went to refuel at the Montclar of Sant Boi del Llobregat gas station and and the person who attended me used 4€ of the points card but only discounted me 2€.

I went to communicate the incident teaching the transaction made twice in a row from the mobile BP app where it is reflected that it first uses 2€ and then another 2€, but still the person responsible did not want to proceed with the return of the 2€.

For this reason, I ask for a refund.

Thanking me in advance for the attention you give me and trusting that you will take appropriate action, bids farewell cordially.

¿What was BP Spain’s response when receiving the message sent via EasyFeedback?

Our user, Jordi, satisfied with the response they gave him from BP Spain, comments:

I wanted to use the euros I had accumulated on my BP card to pay and it turns out that the person who took care of me made the operation to use the accumulated euros of the BP card twice in a row but nevertheless I only made the first discount, I showed him the error through the app and his answer was that that was not possible, that had never happened and that if so had touched me.
Strongly refusing to proceed with the return of the money or seek a solution.

However through EasyFeedback I was able to contact BP customer service and there explaining what happened proceeded to the return of the unpaid money.

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This suggestion is a good example of feedback that will be rewarded with EASYF.

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