Current Feedback Issue

Companies encourage feedback because it is a strategic tool in order to achieve excellence and improve their sales and reputation. For collecting feedback, companies are increasingly using resources and channels: face-to-face, telephone service, forums, chat/chatbot, messaging apps, web forms, email, social networks…

All channels used in feedback collection should be used to:

  • Listen: in order to pay attention to the queries, suggestions, opinions and complaints of customers.
  • Respond quickly: a fast response is fundamental for the success of organisation as customers do not want to endure long waits.
  • Offer solutions: Organisations must have the capacity to respond. 
  • Make the company more human: the people in charge of managing customer care channels must be well-trained and capable of managing the tools they use. They are the visible face of the company for the customer and should have skills such as diligence, common sense and communication in order to make the company more human to its customers.

The problem of feedback for companies

Within companies, requesting, collecting and dealing with customer feedback can be problematic for many reasons:

  • Usually the problem is the lack of resources. Sometimes they do not deal with the feedback received because they don’t possess the human and financial resources  necessary to do so.
  • Commonly, companies watch helplessly as their customer care channels become a vehicle for the publication of unfair complaints from customers that damage their reputation and ruin the human and economic effort of the company.
  • Other times, a large amount of money is invested but there is a lack of internal control in order to centralise and analyse the information received through customer feedback in order to turn it into opportunities for improvement and increase sales for the company.

The problem of feedback for consumers

For consumers, feedback to companies may appear unnecessary because they think that their opinion is irrelevant, they have neither the time nor the motivation to do it.

So, typically, if the customer takes the initiative and gives feedback, it is to complain. Most of these complaints are not resolved because of:

  • A lack of accessibility to the customer care channels from the company: the customer care channels cannot be found, and when they are found, sometimes the do not work correctly; the telephone is not answered within a reasonable time; mails remain unanswered or the chat is not operative.
  • A lack of solutions from te customer care channels of the company: when the customer finally manages to get through someone and, unfortunately, does not receive solutions from the organisations’ customer care channel, they feel frustrated and helpless.

These problems explain why tipically a customer decides to complain publicly or loses trust in the organisation.

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