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Academic Research: EasyFeedback’s Contribution to “Facets of Behaviormetrics”

We are thrilled to announce a significant milestone in the academic journey of EasyFeedback, a pioneering company at the forefront of private feedback solutions. On the 17th of August, an academic publication titled “Behaviormetrics in Blockchains: A Novel Protocol for Recording, Processing, and Rewarding Valuable Behavior” was released as a chapter in the book “Facets of Behaviormetrics, published by Springer. This publication marks a remarkable achievement, and it is a testament to the commitment and dedication of our team.

The process to publish the academic article

The journey leading to this publication was an intricate and collaborative process. It all began when our Chief of Protocol Development, Javier Ortin, together with EasyFeedback’s CEO, Honorio Ros, and the supervision of the esteemed Professor Innar Liiv from Tallinn University of Technology. Together, they embarked on a mission to adapt a comprehensive research and development project for the Proof of Feedback protocol into a condensed, comprehensive article suitable for inclusion in the “Facets of Behaviormetrics” book.

This extensive collaboration involved months of meticulous revision and rewording to ensure that the research could be understood and appreciated without the need for a broader research context. The revised version was submitted to the book’s editors in September and October 2022, after initial corrections.

However, the journey didn’t stop there. Given that the topics explored in the research, particularly those related to blockchain technology, are relatively new to academia, finding reviewers with expertise in these fields proved to be a challenge. Therefore, the authors took it upon themselves to identify experts from various universities who could critically review their work and proposed these experts to the editors.

In January 2023, the reviewers provided valuable feedback, acknowledging the research’s potential significance, and highlighting areas that required further refinement. After addressing these concerns and making the necessary revisions, the improved manuscript was resubmitted to the editors.

Finally, Springer provided a proofread version of the publication, during which minor naming issues were resolved. After these last-minute amendments in May 2023, we received the long-awaited news in August that our research had been officially published.

The Evolution of the Proof of Feedback Protocol

It is worth noting that the research forming the basis of this publication was conducted primarily in the first half of 2022. Since that time, the Proof of Feedback protocol has undergone substantial improvements and enhancements. These ongoing developments reflect our commitment to pushing the boundaries of private feedback technology and incorporating the latest advancements into our work.

We invite you to explore this ground-breaking publication and gain insights into the innovative world of behaviormetrics, blockchain technology, and the evolving landscape of feedback-based solutions. You can access the publication directly here:

Book Cover Academic Research: EasyFeedback’s Contribution to “Facets of Behaviormetrics”
At EasyFeedback, we are immensely proud of this achievement, and we look forward to continuing our journey of innovation, excellence, and academic collaboration in the exciting field of behaviormetrics.
We would like to thank our Editors Akinori Okada (Rikkyo University, Tokyo, Japan); Kazuo Shigemasu (Graduate School of Human Relations, Keio University, Tokyo, Japan); Ryozo Yoshino (The Institute of Statistical Mathematics, Tokyo, Japan); Satoru Yokoyama (School of Business, Aoyama Gakuin University, Tokyo, Japan) for the trust they have shown in our work.
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