EasyFeedback and Nadie Sin Su Ración Diaria Collaboration

About a year ago EasyFeedback arrived at Lanzadera in order to present our project. This year 2021 has been highlighted by the sale of our token and by the great growth we have experienced both as a company, team and tool. 

Thanks to Lanzadera and its team, we had the opportunity and fortune to meet projects like Nadie Sin Su Ración Diaria (Foodration4all S.L.), led by people committed, like us, to help, create and build projects at the service of the citizens. 

For that reason, it was logical that when the paths of the two projects met, a nice collaboration would arise in order to help people who face poverty traps.

The team behind Nadie Sin Su Ración Diaria (Foodration4all S.L.), led by Kilian, has created an app aimed at improving the food donation system and, thus, helping people who live in a delicate economic situation. With the digitalisation of the food donation process, they have managed to collect €304,000 for food banks, which translates into 18,554 donations, 395 tonnes of food and the capacity to help 59,288 people.

But this doesn’t end here, Nadie Sin Su Ración Diaria (Foodration4all S.L.) was created with the aim of dignifying the people who go to the so-called hunger queues, so the donations go to the creation of wallet cards so that all those who are going through a difficult situation can buy what they need in the supermarket, just like anyone else. So far, more than 6,000 wallet cards worth €50 have been created and 1 tonne of CO2 has been avoided in the atmosphere by eliminating unnecessary transport of foodstuffs.

We, EasyFeedback, aim to improve and solve  communication problems between consumers and companies. In order to achieve so, we are developing a novel protocol, Proof of Feedback, built around a platform that promotes the sending of private feedback to companies, organizations and institutions worldwide. We have created a token, called EASYF, for rewarding people who send original and useful feedback through our platform.

Because of this, we have created a special referral code (EASYFNSSRD), which will allow those buying our token to use it during the purchase process and earn an additional 2.5% token bonus, and at the same time, we will donate 2.5% of the purchased amount to FESBAL (Spanish Fedaration of Food Banks) through Nadie sin su Ración Diaria. 

In other words, if someone purchases $100 of EASYF tokens (2,000 EASYF), he/she will get an additional 50 EASYF for using the referral code (EASYFNSSRD) and Nadie sin su Ración Diaria will also receive a donation of 50 EASYF. 


To collaborate, just follow these steps

    1. Complete and send the form that you will find in the following link: https://easyfeedbacktoken.io/en/whitelist-easyfeedback-token-eng/. In less than 24 hours you will receive an email with a link. 
    2. Click on the link to start the KYC process ( “Know Your Customer”). 
    3. Once your identity has been verified, you will receive an email with access to the EasyFeedback token purchase process.
    4. During the token purchase process, indicate the Referral code EASYFNSSRD.


If you have any question, please write to us at [email protected]

Thank you for your support.

The EasyFeedback team.


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