Proof of Feedback Beta Version

Proof of Feedback Beta Version

Hello everyone, the team has been working hard for some time. We are pleased to announce that the beta version of our protocol, Proof of Feedback, is ready. 

Proof of Feedback is the protocol that will rule how customers and users send feedback through our platform and how it will be evaluated and rewarded by a set of jurors, by means of 3 oracles.

We would like to show you how the Beta looks like, that’s why we have recorded two videos while testing it. The following DApp prototype (client and server type application) works as an interface for interacting with the smart contracts of the protocol.

You can check here how the Feedback sending process work:

You can check here how the Feedback evaluation process work:

The UI where the user must provide the feedback has been focused on three types of feedback: claims, complaints and suggestions.

As you know, our goal is to make the process of sending feedback privately to any organisation or institution in the world straightforward and effortless. That is the reason why the landing page shown in the videos, where the user can decide whether to provide feedback or evaluate them (if they are a juror of the protocol), is simple and plain.

This beta version of the protocol, built using smart contracts in an EVM blockchain, as it Polygon, has proved that this newly created and innovative protocol is technically possible, and that it works seamlessly both for providing and rewarding valuable feedback with the help of the blockchain.

Moreover, we are working on a paper study regarding its implementation, we will release it in a few weeks, once it is ready, so stay vigilant!

If you want more information, please write us at [email protected].

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The EasyFeedback team.