EasyFeedback Participates in W3N

During this last weekend, one of our core developers attended W3N?, one of the most cutting-edge Web3 events of Europe.

It took place in Narva,  an Estonian industrial city in the border with Russia, where a group of innovative crypto builders are leveraging the power of Web3 to transform and re-shape this historical city into a technologic one.

Many useful insights and information was shared on different topics regarding Web3 technology, art regulations, DAOs…

Javier participated in 2 panel discussions: “Web3 for Community Initiatives” and “Building in Web3”.

On this last one, he shared his experience building our Proof of Feedback protocol.

He also gave a speech on “How DAO’s promote democracy”, since he co-founded a non-profit organisation in Estonia called INO, with the aim of bringing DAO principles mainstream.

As you can see, during the event, we had our rollup displayed, in which attendants could gather information about our project and  “Feedback to earn” protocol we are building.

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The EasyFeedback team.