How Kia Garte Turismos has improved the listening to its customers by using EasyFeedback

Kia Garte Turismos

Garte Turismos is an Official KIA MOTORS Dealer in La Rioja. The company was founded in 1996 and since then it has established itself as the reference in distribution, marketing and official KIA MOTORS repair in La Rioja.

What needs did Kia Garte Turismos have before implementing EasyFeedback PRO?

Enhancing online and offline reputation

Fostering engagement from employees

Building customer loyalty through feedback​

Implementation of EasyFeedback in Kia Garte Turismos

At Kia Garte Turismos they have physically placed the Certificate at the dealership to give their users the opportunity to send feedback to the dealership management team.

The Kia Garte Turismo dealership has improved its results and gets more positive reviews thanks to EasyFeedback.

Kia Garte Turismos has the Certificate at the head of the concession documents to show its commitment to its customers.

Kia Garte Turismos has EasyFeedback on its website to show its commitment to its customers.

Other dealers of the brand spoke well to us about EasyFeedback and speaking with the company gave us a lot of confidence. Of course we recommend working with EasyFeedback.
Salvador Fernández
Manager at Kia Garte Turismo

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