EasyFeedback receives a grant from Polygon

We are very glad to announce that we have received a grant from the Polygon Network, specifically the Polygon Village Grants, to deploy both our Feedback to Earn protocol and infrastructure there.

We have been rewarded with an Starter Pack voucher too, that will help us to further develop the project. By means of it, we will be collaborating with Filecoin (https://filecoin.io), Infura – Consensys (https://infura.io/) and Alchemy (https://alchemy.com), which will help us building our protocol and infrastructure. We are grateful that some of most well known crypto projects worldwide are willing to collaborate with us in this thrilling endeavour.

As you know, our PoF protocol is going to require a large number of fast transactions from both the protocol itself and its users, so we need them to be as cheap and fast as possible. Polygon fits perfectly these needs, which jointly with its great liquidity and ecosystem, which we consider outstanding, makes us willing to be collaborating with them. Due to that, everything we are building and developing will be deployed on the Polygon Network.

We are looking forward to our collaboration with the Polygon DAO team in order to improve the network and the ecosystem. We are sure we will impact the Polygon ecosystem very positively, as we will be onboarding both our platform users  to Polygon (already more than 400,000) and our institutional clients, which will have to buy our EASYF token (deployed in Polygon too) in order to access our products and services.

We are bridging a multi-billion, raising industry,  to crypto, aiming to become the global “Hub” of private Feedback, worldwide. We want to be the link between private feedback sent from customers to companies and organizations globally, with the goal of revolutionizing the Feedback industry. 

If you want more information, please write us at [email protected].

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The EasyFeedback team.