Partnership announcement: EasyFeedback & Outer Ring

🤝 EasyFeedback is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Outer Ring!

After several months of conversations, we have finally reached an agreement with Outer Ring (, one of the most prominent metaverse crypto projects, a play-to-earn MMORPG blockchain game. Backed by some of the most well known firms in the world, as BlueZilla, Dext Force (Dextools), AV Capital, Dreamboat Capital, Black Dragon, MH Ventures, Metaverse Resource DAO, Belobaba, 721DAO, UNION Capital, J Capital Investments, Gains Associates, Kapitalia and BCA Investments, Kangaroo Capital, Excalibur Capital, Avalon Wealth Club, Area 13 Capital, Blockchain Territory, Leit Motiv, Yellow Blocks, Sierra Blockchain, ICI Ventures, CCK Ventures, CB Capital, TKX Capital Talla Capital and Avstar Capital, between others. Due to that, Outer Ring is primed to be one of the leading Metaverses in the following years.

At Easyfeedback, our goal has always been to become the global “Hub” of private Feedback, worldwide. We have realized that we don’t want to achieve it only in the real world, we want to expand that goal to the Metaverse.

The first result of this partnership is that Outer Ring metaverse users will be able to send feedback privately to any company, organisation or institution in the world while playing, earning EASYF tokens for doing so, depending on the usefulness and originality of the feedback sent.

Thanks to this, we will establish our first storefront on the Metaverse, where gamers will be able to write their suggestions, congratulations, queries or complaints and send it to the organisation of their choice, receiving EASYF tokens afterwards in the wallet they used while playing Outer Ring.

If you want more information, please write us at [email protected].

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The EasyFeedback team.