Post en el que se cuenta algunas de las historias que los usuarios de EasyFeedback han querido hacer públicas

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We want to show how private feedback between consumers and businesses can lead to constructive, win-win communication.

This series of articles tells some of the stories that our users have chosen to share.


After submitting a suggestion to Eroski through EasyFeedback for a product that was only available in some centres, José Manuel gave Eroski a 10 for the response he received from the company and shared his satisfaction with us.

"The query and the response were very quick"


After submitting a suggestion through EasyFeedback to Ugena City Council for more trees in the community, Sigrid has given the council a 10 for how quickly they responded to her suggestion.

"Ugena City Council's quick response"


After complaining to Kiwoko through EasyFeedback to claim a discount that had been incorrectly applied, María Carmen rated Kiwoko a 10 for the response she received from the company.

"Kiwoko have been very efficient"


After complaining to Coca Cola Spain  through EasyFeedback about the poor quality of the packaging on some of their products, Vasile gave Coca Cola a 10 for handling the complaint properly.

"I got the right answer. Thank you."


After complaining to Decathlon Spain via EasyFeedback about a faulty pair of shoes, Angela gave Decathlon a 10 for accepting the return and collecting the shoes.

"I bought a pair of trainers and within a month the edges of the laces were frayed and the tops of the shoes were broken. I had limited myself to a 1 hour walk a day. I complained and they took them back as a faulty product. With the return, I bought others in the hope that they would be better"


After complaining to Danone Spain through EasyFeedback about a bad product, Maria gave Danone an 8 for the response she received from the company and shares her experience with us.

"Solved. Great service, perfect follow-up of the product collected and the sample analysed, totally satisfied with the service provided"


After complaining to RápidoCV Spain through EasyFeedback about being unable to unsubscribe because she couldn’t find the way to do it on the website, a user gave RapidoCV 10 points for correctly resolving the complaint.

"This is the second time I have used EasyFeedback and both times the results have been quick and favourable. I highly recommend it. Thank you very much."

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