How Distriplac has improved the listening to its users by using EasyFeedback


Distriplac is the leading company in the specialist distribution of building materials for interior fittings. It has more than 47 centres in Spain and Portugal.

Distriplac is an ensign of the Saint Gobain Group, a world leader in the glass, building products and high performance materials sectors.

What needs did Distriplac have before implementing EasyFeedback PRO?

Enhancing online and offline reputation

Fostering engagement from employees

Building customer loyalty through feedback​

Implementation of EasyFeedback in Distriplac

Distriplac has placed the Certificate in its shops in order to give its users the opportunity to send feedback to the company’s management team.

The Kia Garte Turismo dealership has improved its results and gets more positive reviews thanks to EasyFeedback.

Stickers with a corporate image that make visible the commitment to Excellence in Customer Service

Distriplac has distributed panels of its own design throughout the shop.

Distriplac has placed panels throughout the shop, showing its commitment to its customers and making it easy for them to send private feedback.

Distriplac has placed a link to the EasyFeedback page in the contact section of its website to make it easier for its customers to send them feedback.

We chose Easyfeedback to complete the activities so that the customer could express their opinion and feel listened to. In addition to emphasising that there is a firm commitment on the part of the company to listen and serve them.

We recommend this service to all companies that want to know the opinions of their customers in order to be always alert and that this will make you improve.
Mª José Gallardo
Customer Experience Manager

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