Elsa is satisfied with Nike

Our user Elsa told ys that she sent a complaint to Nike Spain using using our feedback submission tool:

Dear General Director,

I want to express a complaint related to the warranty of your products and services.

My son has been wearing the Nike Tiempo Legend 7 Elite FG boot for some time, of which I will have bought 6 or more pairs with a more than satisfactory result in all except for ones bought in September that were split in a training by the outer back heel being the boots in a good condition since they alternate with the other pairs and have little use.

My claim is a bit desperate because I always buy the boots on the XXX football website and not on the official Nike website.

I contacted them and their answer was without knowing what terrain they were used because it was used in a field that was not last generation and that worn the sole … which is not true since it plays in the sports city of XXX with the subsidiary of the sports club XXX with great fields of natural and artificial grass of last generation.

In any case, its use has been the same as the other pairs of boots it has.

Without further ado I want to reiterate my dissatisfaction with the XXX soccer distributor since it has denied me the opportunity of an assessment by the Nike brand that I think they are the one who has to value them.

For this reason, I ask you to do something about it.

Thanking you in advance for the attention you give me and trusting that you will take appropriate measures, you say goodbye.

¿What was Nike Spain response when receiving the message sent via EasyFeedback?

Our user, Elsa, satisfied with the response they gave her from Nike Spain, comments:

I appreciate the resolution of the complaint by Nike Spain, that my former provider (XXX), did not want to attend and that EasyFeedback has satisfactorily resolved with kindness and respect.

Thank you very much,


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