How do the Internal Validator Oracle and Company Validator Oracle work?

Every time a user send useful feedback through our platform, they will  receive EASYF tokens. In addition, at the same time, some EASYF tokens will get minted in order to cover the costs of managing the internal validator oracle.

Our internal validator oracle will evaluate the feedback sent by our platform users, according to these 3 criteria: utility, originality, and execution.

This internal validator will be composed by a Jury of seven members in each country, chosen by us.

Each feedback received will be assigned, through an automated and random process to 3 members of the Jury who will be in charge of proceeding with its evaluation.

Each juror will carry out their assessment independently, without knowing the identity of the feedback sender nor the assessment of the other jurors or the final assessment. The final assessment will be the average of the 3 scores provided by the jurors and will only be known by the user who sent the feedback.

The maximum  score will be 12 points on average per juror. The scores will be transformed into tokens by means of the following equivalence: 12 points equals 8 dollars, which will correspond to a certain amount of EASYF tokens depending on the the trading price of the token in that moment. 

The jurors will also receive EASYF token for their work. The amount of EASYF obtained will vary over time, based on a system that will assess the quality of the evaluations issued by the juror.

Elements of Feedback

The Jury will take into consideration for each feedback some aspects such as:


  • Is the text sent easy to understand?
  • Does it contain spelling/grammatical mistakes?
  • Is it the right length, or is it repetitive or too short?
  • Is the tone of the feedback correct and polite?


  • Does it contain evidence, testimonials, documentation supporting the feedback?
  • Is the feedback sent incomplete because it leaves unknowns which make its execution and/or resolution difficult?


  • Is the feedback interesting or irrelevant?
  • Is the feedback appropriate or is it outdated for any reason?
  • Can the feedback help to improve or create processes/products/services in the company?


  • Is the feedback sent original?


  • Can the feedback received be reasonably implemented in the company?

Criteria for granting EASYF tokens

  1. It is attractive, useful and interesting for the company (UTILITY);
  2. Provides original and creative ideas or concepts to the company (ORIGINALITY);
  3. And its implementation is feasible and doable, helping the company to improve (EXECUTION);

Scores: How will they get granted

The juror will use the following grading scale:


In this way, the maximum score that may be obtained from each juror  would be 12 points: UTILITY: 4 + ORIGINALITY: 4 + EXECUTION: 4. Therefore, the maximum sum of the three judges would be 36 points that would result final an average of 12 points.

Every score will be transformed into tokens by means of the following equivalence : 12 points will be the equivalent in dollars to the price of 1.4 Big Mac at the USA according to the current price in that moment as published by The Economist magazine ( This will allow us to update the value granted to our users every six months (January and July) based on an internationally recognized index such as “The Big Mac Index”.

The mentiones amount of 8 dollars comes from the estimated average compensation for completing a questionnaire by a Mystery shopper.

How the jury will be set up

Our internal validator oracle will be composed in each country by a Jury. The members of the Jury will be specialists in business development consulting, experts in innovation and technology, and managers with extensive professional business experience.

The minimum requirements to be a member of the Jury are:

  1. Having created a company and / or having worked on your own.
  2. Having work experience in at least three sectors of activity.
    We will also have the possibility of having jurors specialized in a single sector of activity and who only have the option of evaluating feedback from that sector.
  3. Having more than 15 years of work experience.

Initially, in each country the Jury will consist of seven members selected by us, afterwards everyone fulfilling those requirements will be able to apply.

Company validator oracle

The company validator oracle will be the only one in charge of managing the rewards of any type for the feedback sent by users when the company to whom the feedback is sent is client of our Easy Feedback PRO subscription.

The company validator oracle will be composed by some of the organisations’ employees, which will perform the task of evaluating the feedback received.

If the feedback is sent to a company that is not client of our Easy Feedback PRO subscription, one of the other two validator oracles will perform the task:

  • The internal validator oracle will be the one in charge of managing the rewards to users when the feedback sent  is a suggestion or congratulation.
  • The lawyer validator oracle will be the only one in charge of managing the rewards to users when the feedback sent is a complaint/claim.


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The EasyFeedback team.