Leroy Merlin take their customers into account

Our user, José Manuel, tells us that he sent a complaint to Leroy Merlin España using EasyFeedback’s free complaint/complaint submission tool. In the complaint you commented to Leroy Merlin España:

Dear Customer Service Director,

I would like to express a complaint regarding your products and services.

I bought a modular prefabricated barbecue – Movelar Liz KL Plus from the store in Santander (Valle Real). My surprise when unpacking it has been that it does not have the assembly, use and maintenance instructions manual, which is repeatedly mentioned in the advertising of the same and which is obligatory inclusion in this type of prefabricated.

I have tried to locate this manual of assembly instructions in the network, but there is no way to find it, so please send it to me (email) or tell me how to locate it, as soon as possible.

Given the confusion in the indications of their employees and advisors on the installation of the same – for some, must be installed with refractory mortar, for others, exclusively with high temperature adhesive …, for some, it is necessary to seal bell and shot, for others, should not be glued …. – and that the reasonable thing is that the article includes the obligatory instructions of assembly, use and maintenance, without which and before an inadequate installation, the guarantee could be disqualified…, I beg you to send me this manual as soon as possible in order to be able to install the barbecue properly.

For this reason, I ask you to repair the product.

Thanking you in advance for the attention you give me and trusting that you will take the appropriate measures, you say goodbye.

What was Leroy Merlin España’s response to the message sent through EasyFeedback?

Our user, José Manuel, satisfied with the response he received from Leroy Merlin España, comments:

Excellent, the attention received… impeccable.

I bought a construction barbecue and when I got home, I didn’t have the assembly and maintenance instructions manual.

I called to claim it the next day, in the morning, and that same afternoon they had already sent it to me by email. It took less than 12 hours to satisfactorily resolve my claim…

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