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Campaign: Your Opinion Builds Trade

Collaborate with the commercial dynamization campaign!

This campaign is aimed at retail customers. Our goal is to raise awareness among consumers so that they incorporate sharing suggestions, complaints, claims and opinions into their purchasing habits, with the ultimate goal of improving the profitability of stores.

How to participate

Encourage your customers to participate and grow with them!

Those willing to communicate their shopping experience in a establishment can do so through our feedback platform, which allows suggestions and complaints to be channelled and sent, individually and privately, to the corresponding shop. 

It is not necessary that neither users nor establishments are registered in the tool in order to participate. However, it is highly recommended for establishments to register themselves on our platform in order to receive suggestions and fedback by e-mail.

If we do not have their email address, they will receive the feedback by post mail or fax.

Our PRO subscription service (without the Excellence in Treatment stamp) will be free for every establishment participating in this campaign, until December 31, 2019.

Advantages for businesses

  • You will know by first hand the opinions of your customers.
  • The comments will help you define your strengths and weaknesses.
  • It will give you an opportunity to improve your service.
  • You will make your customers more satisfied.
  • Consequently, it will improve the profitability of your business and the loyalty of your customers.”

Europapress has made an article, we invite you to read it:

Finally, we want to share with you the link of our Chamber of Commerce, where you can get more information:

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