Your congratulations move the world and deserve their reward

Who would have thought that we would have to stay two meters away from each other, that using masks would be mandatory and that we would spend almost three months locked up in our homes without being able to see our loved ones.

However, we are more united than ever before, trying to help each other and move forward.

Due to that, in EasyFeedback we are easing the delivery process of congratulations.

Thanks to our platfrom (only available in Spanish yet), organisations are receiving many messages of appreciation, so we believe we have to share some of the many responses these users got from them.


“Thank you very much, Bethlehem. We will try that all the professionals receive this gratitude, that comes in the best of the moments, when more it is necessary to know that the professional and organizational effort necessary to overcome this situation, is perceived by those for whom it is directed, that in the bottom is all of us, our children and our elders. 

Although there are many generic signs, these days, of gratitude and recognition in society, these signs as direct as the one you are sending us are very important, because they are directly aimed at professionals close to us in the health field, who are both health and non-health professionals, the latter also being fundamental, without whom the work of the former would not be possible either.

I believe that we must keep morale very high, because it is at this time that a society shows how high it is, and in order to keep it high it is essential to find support, understanding and mutual recognition.

Greetings and thank you very much.“

VOLVO Sedauto

“I want to thank you on my behalf and also on behalf of all the staff of Sedauto for the words of encouragement and congratulations that you so kindly conveyed in your mail. In a few days so complicated for all his words are an encouragement that will give us strength to do our work and also to undertake future actions of solidarity in our region.

In this situation of isolation we miss the personal contact with our clients and you have reminded us that in our work the fundamental thing is the people and therefore we cannot isolate ourselves from circumstances in which many people are living very painful situations. We are doing our best to ensure that our clients have access to our services in the best possible conditions, making a special effort to protect the health of all the people who visit us.  

The need to adapt very quickly to this crisis, which is affecting us all, may cause failures that we hope to resolve as soon as possible, with the help of the information provided by our clients.  In your case, I am sorry that it took so long to answer your mail, we have implemented a procedure to improve the time of our response.

We are at your disposal for anything you may need.
Thank you very much for your words.
A big hug.”

Palacios Alimentación

“Hello, Maria, good morning

We want to thank you. Firstly for the confidence you have in our products. We are happy to know that you have had good experiences with the products in which we put so much effort and dedication. We are proud to know that you have had good times and have been able to enjoy them. We hope and expect that we continue to meet your expectations, our daily work is directed towards this.

The second thanks is for having recommended us and expanding the “Secret of a Family” among your people. This is the best of all symptoms and encourages us to continue improving day after day.

Finally, our greatest thanks is for having invested a few minutes of your time in addressing us with such beautiful words. It is a real pleasure.

Thank you very much.”

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The EasyFeedback team.

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