EasyFeedback users congratulate the Heroes of the Coronavirus

Proud that congratulations have already been sent through EasyFeedback.com (in the current version in Spanish) to more than 500 hospitals and many other companies that are helping us to overcome Covid-19.

We share below the post with this initiative that we have published for our users in Spanish.

Congratulate the Heroes of the Coronavirus.

Applause at 20 hours recognizing the work of the health personnel, calls and text messages to family or friends who are alone, profile pictures in networks with the hashtag #yomequedoencasa (#Istayhome)… How many signs of solidarity and support we are showing in these days of confinement!

At EasyFeedback we have been inviting users like you to congratulate companies, hospitals and institutions for more than five years when they get we can have a excellent customer experience. We know – and this is how we have been told by users who have sent congratulations from our platform – that this small gesture has great value for these professionals who, day by day, are giving their best heroically.

Joining this chain of solidarity is very easy: click on one of these links that we provide you with and in less than three minutes your congratulatory letter will reach the company or institution of your choice.

#YoFelicito (congratulate) through EasyFeedback to:

#YoFelicito (congratulate)

Three responses from Coronavirus Heroes Anonymous who have thanked them for the congratulations they received for their work:

“You cannot imagine how positive and powerful his words give us at such a difficult and difficult time for all of us who work in the hospital. The reaction and response of all of them has been immediate “these words help us to continue fighting and to give the best of ourselves”. Our vocation has always been and is to serve and help the most vulnerable people and for this we work every day. ”

“It is our desire to give the best service to each and every patient and to be able to stop this virus as soon as possible. For this, the collaboration of all citizens is necessary and essential, we are all heroes, each in what we can. ”

“Your words give us strength to continue, knowing that people like you need us, just as we need you. Together we can do it. ”

Thank you and do not hesitate to share your congratulations.

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