Montserrat is satisfied with the response received from the Real de Gandía City Council


Our user, Montserrat, sent a suggestion to Real de Gandia City Council using our feedback submission tool:

Dear Mayor,

On Friday, November 22, my husband and my two children suffered an accident on the road at the entrance of trucks next to the Pipa Neighborhood.

They were standing behind a truck that wanted to enter and a car came out of the roundabout crashing them against the truck that was stopped in the middle of the road. This accident could be more serious.

They must fix this dangerous entrance, because it makes the trucks stop in the middle of a road and also if the cars leaving the roundabout do not see the truck, they can crash an innocent car with children inside.

The car was badly damaged and the three people ended up in hospital with a cervical sprain and a good scare.

Please, we ask that this access be prevented and solvent. It is very bad. Thank you.

For this reason, I ask you to do something about it.

¿What was Real de Gandia City Council response when receiving the message sent via EasyFeedback?

Our user, Montserrat, satisfied with the response she received from Real de Gandia City Council, comments:

I was kindly taken care of.

They took note of the complaint about roads and explained to me that they would take it to the Ministry of Public Works and Roads to take actions.

Thank you

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