Post WinWin personas y empresas a las que ha ayudado EasyFeedback

EasyFeedback WinWin 12

We want to show how private feedback between consumers and businesses can lead to constructive, win-win communication.

This series of articles tells some of the stories that our users have chosen to share.

Francisco José thanks EasyFeedback and Sanxenxo Town Council for the response and the quick solution given to the complaint made about the state of the road in an area of the municipality after sending his complaint through EasyFeedback.

"I had requested the repair of a manhole at the entrance to Sanxenxo coming from Pontevedra as I am a cyclist, I filled in the concello's complaint request form on EasyFeedback, and they have repaired it in record time, a 10 for the concello of Sanxenxo."

Carol sent a Complaint to Pull & Bear via EasyFeedback about the poor quality of a pair of trainers purchased there.
Pull & Bear gave a quick response and Carol gave it a 10.

"We went to the shop located in the Ballonti Shopping Centre (Portugalete-Bizkaia). And although at first the guy who attended us was a bit dry, then he found us the same shoes, and changed them without any problems, when I showed him the email you sent me. Thanks for everything. Of course we will continue to buy in your shops."

Yingying sent a complaint to Roca privately via EasyFeedback about a problem with a tap that has started leaking less than a year after it was installed.

"The technician came, changed what was broken and everything was under warranty. Very satisfied."

Ohiana sent Suggestion to Lidl through EasyFeedback to indicate the poor quality of a product and rates the response she received a 9.

"Very good customer service. I am very happy with the service I have received.”

Jesús complained to MRW Spain via EasyFeedback about a broken Christmas present. The response from MRW Spain deserved a 10.

"I had a problem with my order, the box was broken. They sent me another one a few days later."

After sending to the Getafe City Council through EasyFeedback , to ask for help from the City Council, Julián rates the solution obtained with a 10.

"The response was quick, this is the 2nd time I have needed help from the municipality and the 2nd time the results of their response and speed is satisfactory."

Monserrat sent her complaint to Sam’s Club Mexico through EasyFeedback because she is asking for a refund for a product that is not of the expected quality. The response given by Mango deserved a 10.

"I was very pleased, they called me on the phone and changed my bag. Thank you very much."

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