Feedback from our users moves us. Thank you for your congratulations!

At EasyFeedback we are committed to improving the world by encouraging useful feedback and helping organisations to recognize and enhance it.

We would like to show here some of the congratulations that have been sent to us by our Spanish platform’s users.

Your congratulations motivate us to continue working.

María José:

“Totally impressed with the effectiveness and efficiency of your company.
I am very grateful for the times you have helped me without asking anything in return.
Thank you very much and congratulations again.”


“Good morning my name is Felipe, client of Mercedes Benz Spain, I have always used this medium which is one of the ways to process and transmit complaints to the brand itself.
I would like to thank you for the efficiency and effectiveness in transmitting the uneasiness about the vehicle issue, and on the other hand, the support and help to solve all the irregularities.
Thank you very much EasyFeedback.”


“Booking did not answer my more than 20 emails in the last month.
In one day you have managed to get a reply and a refund.
You have done an excellent job.”

Oscar Julián:

“Thank you EasyFeedback for contacting me and helping me.
People like you are needed in this country so life would be easier.
I can only say thank you.”


“Good afternoon and thank you Easyfeedback for the service.
I recommend you, greetings.
I will recommend you.”

María Ángeles:

“Thank you, my complaint was not only addressed, but has been resolved in a short space.
thank you very much. To recommend of course.”

María Dolores:

“The problem I had was solved, I thanked them at that time.
I also thank you.
Thank you very much…Warm greetings.”

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The EasyFeedback team.

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