EasyFeedback token granted by the Internal Oracle.

EasyFeedback token (“EASYF”) was created to reward people who from EasyFeedback.com communicate useful feedback to improve products, services and processes of companies and institutions.

Every time a user sends useful feedback, they receive EasyFeedback tokens for his/her communication.

The “Proof of Feedback” (“PoF”) is the value that is given to this feedback. Depending on the type of feedback sent, one of the following validating oracles will intervene: internal validator oracle, company validator oracle and finally the lawyer validator oracle.

In this post we will briefly explain how the “PoF” would be evaluated by the internal validator oracle.

The internal validator oracle will evaluate the feedback that EasyFeedback users send, according to these 3 criteria: usefulness, originality, and execution.

In this way, feedback sent to companies that:

  1. It is attractive, useful and interesting for the company (UTILITY);
  2. Provides original and creative ideas or concepts for the company (ORIGINALITY);
  3. And, in addition, the implementation is practical and feasible, helping the company to improve (EXECUTION);

will be rewarded.

The internal validating oracle will be composed in each country by a Court of Jurors.

Each feedback received will be assigned, through an automated and random lottery, to 3 of the members of the Court of Jurors who will be in charge of proceeding with its evaluation.

Each of the juror will carry out their assessment independently without knowing the identity of the user who sends the feedback, nor the assessment of the other juror and, therefore, not the final assessment. The final result of the assessment will be the average of the 3 scores of the jurors and will only be known by the user who sends the feedback.

The maximum sum of the three jurors would be 36 points, which would result in an average of 12 points. All scores will be transformed into tokens by means of the equivalence of: 12 points equals 8 dollars which, with the equivalence 1 “EASYF” = 0.05 Dollars, initially correspond to 160 “EASYF”s. The initial 160 tokens will vary based on the value at which they are trading on the market.

The juror also receives “EASYF” for their work. The amount of “EASYF” obtained for the work performed will vary over time depending on a system that will assess the quality of the evaluations issued by the juror.

You can find more information about the functioning of the internal validating oracle at: https://business.easyfeedback.com/en/how-internal-validator-node-and-company-validator-node-work/

The user stories shown below are real cases in which the internal validating oracle will decide whether or not to grant “EASYF”s to these users who submitted their feedback.


SUGGESTION: I would like to give you a suggestion about your products and services. Hello, if you allow me a suggestion, I would tell you to put the Quechua men’s fleeces in bright colors, as before, such as turquoise, blue, green, because the children’s polar ones you put already bright colors. You can put them in the same color as children to adults. Is that lately you put sad colors for men. I do not know if this suggestion will reach you, but above all, thank you for your attention.

José indicated to us: They thanked me for the suggestion and told me that they would pass it on to the Quechua department so that they could take it into account.

Mercadona (Central)

SUGGESTION: I would like to pass on a suggestion about your advertising and image. First of all, thank you for your great work in these difficult times that we are currently living. I would like you to take my suggestion into account. I am a neighbor of Los Realejos in Tenerife. After 9 days without leaving the house at all, I had a need, a few days ago, to go shopping at your supermarket. The general sense of apprehension, though logical, scared me quite a bit. The suggestion that I would like to convey to you is that you can listen to some pleasant, ambient or similar music, so that buying does not become so difficult for us.

Candelaria informs us the following: On my next visit, when I saw that my request had been answered and there was music, I was very happy. I was so out of tune with my smile that people looked at me surprised and took the opportunity to say hello and they also gave me their best smile, despite the tension of the moment. Thank you very much and greetings. Courage and good luck.


SUGGESTION: I would like to give you a suggestion about your services. We would need a container of containers for recycling, in the surroundings of Camping La Habana. Before confinement, we took the containers to a La Curva container, but now it is accumulating and we would not want to throw them into the large all-purpose containers.

Manuela let us know: Very satisfied with the service. I made a suggestion to the Adra City Council, they answered me in a few days, and also in a very short time, they satisfactorily resolved my request.  


When we implement EasyFeedback token, these suggestions are a good example of the feedback that will be rewarded with EasyFeedback tokens.

Users who send useful feedback to improve products, services and processes of companies and institutions through www.Easyfeedback.com will get EasyFeedback tokens (“EASYF”).

What is Proof of Feedback?: https://business.easyfeedback.com/en/what-is-proof-of-feedback/

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