Our customers share their feedback

Hello everyone,

As you know, one of our 6 services for businesses and organisations, the EasyFeedback PRO subscription, is already developed and being commercialized. You can read about it here:

We have carried out a survey on 5 of our clients in order to gather their feedback about it and see how they have implemented it, which we have summarized in 5 different articles, one for each of them:

Volvo Arregui

Fachada de la concesión Volvo Arregui en Vitoria
Portada del post de Clínica Fivasa en EasyFeedback

Read this use-case here

Ensanche Área Comercial

Portada del artículo para Ensanche Área Comercial

As you can see, their words show the quality of our EasyFeedback PRO  service, which they consider a very useful tool to receive and manage their customers’ thoughts, feelings and ideas.

Moreover, they all agree that our customer service team is very helpful with everything regarding our service implementation.

We are happy to hear that with our help, they are improving their customer satisfaction levels and loyalty rates.

We would like to thank all of them for sharing their feedback with us,  it provides us  with the energy we need to continue improving the world through private feedback, our value proposition!

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The EasyFeedback team.