How Naria has improved the listening to its users by using EasyFeedback


Naria (No One Without Their Daily Food Ration) digitizes the food donation system and favors the social inclusion of people who suffer from the need to receive food aid.

What needs did Naria have before implementing

Enhancing online and offline reputation

Fostering engagement from employees

Building customer loyalty through feedback

Implementation of EasyFeedback in Naria

In Naria they decided to put the seal of Excellence in Customer Service on the corporate website to make it easier for their customers to send feedback.

Naria has placed the Certificate on site at its offices to give its users the opportunity to send feedback to the company’s management team.

EasyFeedback appears as an interesting service for our project, giving the possibility of humanizing the opinions of our clients/donors by channeling them through anonymous and secure channels. This allows more precise information management as well as giving our platform an extra point of value and confidence for new users. Although our project is still young, this tool is already a must in our operations. Any company that wants to improve customer feedback management efficiently and safely can implement EasyFeedback, we openly recommend it, the team behind it is very attentive and the experience with the system is even better.
Nacho Latre
Head of Communication

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